Yoga in its holistic approach goes beyond just physical postures and was initially performed as a practice of the mind to reach a state of higher awareness.
In the ancient texts the goal of yoga is described as ‘chitta vritti nirodah’ which means “to still the fluctuation of the mind”.

In a modern day context ‘the fluctuations of the mind’ can be described as the constant self-talk – or monkey mind which constantly jumps from thought to thought. We struggle to focus on one thing for longer than a couple of seconds and get distracted by the constant flow of information and activity around us. 

This results in an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system which does not know how and when to switch off. Chronic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, obesity and many other physical and mental diseases show up as consequence. 

An ancient science in a modern day context

But life doesn’t have to be this way and its in our individual power to take charge of our personal health and wellbeing again. Scientific research is showing remarkable improvements for people adapting a regular yoga practice after only a few weeks. And with yoga being as accessible as ever there is really no excuse not to get on the mat.

Whether you believe it or not, but a regular yoga practice will transform your life. It breaks old habits and will enable you to make better lifestyle choices. It also enhances performance, mental alertness, focus and resilience to anything that life throws at you. Ashtanga yoga is NOT a quick fix, self-help method – it is a system that has evolved over more than 3000+ years. The healing effects have been beneficial to millions of people and we are passionate about sharing this method with you. #becauseitworks

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Ash Hope

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