Practice with us

We are dedicated to the traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. We encourage people of all abilities to practice with us and offer individual support and a safe space to learn and deepen one’s practice.

Individual mentoring program

Have you just completed your yoga teacher training and need some guidance on how to get started? Or perhaps you have been teaching for a while but would like to fine tune your skills?

We offer individual mentorship programs and specialise on adjustment training (verbal and hands-on), class room communication, posture alignment, sequencing, pranayama and meditation.
Let’s have a chat how we can assist you. Just send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for.

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Class descriptions

Mysore practice

Tradional way to practice Ashtanga yoga. A group class where each student has a self-paced practice. Learn a set sequence of postures step-by-step according to your own pace. Each student receives individual guidance and physical adjustments to help with correct alignment. Class times vary according to your level of experience. Great way to learn and practice Ashtanga yoga and available to all levels of experience.


Beginner class

This 60 minute guided practice is a great introduction to the the foundational elements of Ashtanga yoga.

Step by step we explore the first part of the Primary series with detailed explanation and demonstration of each pose. 

Led class

A class for students with a regular Ashtanga yoga practice. Its an opportunity to deepen your practice with emphasis on  the correct vinyasa count and drishti’s (gazing points) in each asana.

Welcome to your Spiritual Home –

a place where you feel that you belong
although you were not born there, but because you have a lot in common with the people, the culture and the way of life. 

For us a spiritual home is a place where you can detach yourself from the roles you ‘play’ in your daily life – from mothers, to brothers, managers to employees – in the spiritual home you are free of titles and roles, it is you in your purest form as a human being. The spiritual home provides a save space where you can learn about yourself, play with your limitations and above all, have fun.