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Ashtanga Yoga & Zen with Ash Hope

NOW is the time to practice!


If you don’t know if Ashtanga is for you or if you have questions about the practice with us, please contact us anytime.

0406 417 255

Stay happy and healthy,
Ash Hope


Now is the time to practice. We are excited to welcome you back in our studio for group classes. 

Ashtanga Mysore style classes run Monday to Friday from 5:30 to 8:00am.

Intro to Ashtanga classes run every Monday and Tuesday at the Health Collab in Spring Hill. Find our weekly schedule here: classes

For private classes please send us an email: practice@ashyoga.com.au


We will do our best to provide a clean and safe place for your practice. 

To stay COVID-safe we won’t provide any studio mats and props at this point. Please bring your own mat and towel. Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are provided in the studio.

Applying the ancient science of yoga in a modern day context.

Ashtanga yoga in its traditional form. Flexible Mysore style practice with individual attention, hands on adjustments and guidance from a qualified teacher. We are committed to health, wellbeing, and personal growth by making Ashtanga Yoga accessible to all levels of practitioners in a joyful, supportive, and challenging environment. Visit us in our beautiful studio in Fortitude Valley.

‘Never stop learning because life never stops teaching’


Ashtanga Yoga Group Classes

Learn Ashtanga Yoga the traditional way with individual attention and hands on adjustments from a qualified teacher. Learn and progress at your pace in a supportive class setting.

Private Classes

Fine tune your existing practice or learn how to incorporate a regular yoga practice into your life. Private classes are the most effective way to develop a practice that works for you and your lifestyle.

Corporate Programs

Our corporate health and wellbeing programs deliver insights on optimising health and wellbeing in your organisation. We provide comprehensive evaluation and a customised strategy that suits the nature of your business.

Applying the ancient science of yoga in a modern day context.

My motivation to teach is to enhance physical and mental wellbeing in every person. No matter how old, young, flexible, fit or unfit there is something for everyone in this method. My role as a teacher is to be your guide – to enable you to incorporate this method into your daily life and reap the benefits of a regular practice.

I believe that to know the real meaning of yoga – one has to teach from direct experience. I am dedicated to my own practice which is part of who I am and enhances my busy life of work, studies and relationships with my partner, family and friends.

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