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Moon days 

There are no Mysore classes held on the days of full moon and new moon.

Because human beings are 70% water, we are affected by the moon’s gravitational pull at  different times of the month. On full and new moon days it is advised to take rest from practice.  Practicing asana and meditation over time makes us more attuned to these natural cycles. Full and New moon days are observed as yoga holidays in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.

Moon Days


New Moon new moon  Full Moon full moon


2022 Moon Phases Calendar

  New Moon Full Moon
January  3 Jan  18 Jan
February  1 Feb  17 Feb
March  3 Mar  18 Mar
April  1 Apr  17 Apr
May  1 May  16 May
June  30 May  14 Jun
July  29 Jun  14 Jul
August  29 Jul  12 Aug
September  27 Aug  10 Sep
October  26 Sep  10 Oct
November  25 Oct  8 Nov
December  24 Nov  8 Dec