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To be the best version of ourselves we have to work from the inside out.

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We facilitate corporate Health and Wellbeing programs across Australia since 2014. 

Our clients love working with us because we truly care about the outcome of our health and wellbeing programs. Our mission is to bring out the best in people – from the inside out. 

Why Yoga in the workplace?

Yoga is a holistic system that works on the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. The aim of yoga is to reach a higher state of awareness – clarity, focus, calmness. A healthy body builds the foundation and leads into control over mind, thoughts and behaviour. 

In today’s society we battle with mental and physical illness, anxiety, depression, stress, obesity and so many other diseases. Scientific research is showing remarkable improvements for people adapting a regular yoga practice after only a few weeks.

In our programs we teach a combination of breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and yoga asanas.

Applying the ancient science of yoga in a modern day context.

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Vibrant Health

Physical and mental wellbeing of employees is vital for any organisation. We help to build an engaged and resilient workforce that will not only withstand but excel in the demands of your industry. 


Increased self-awareness directly impacts our behaviour and how we engage with others. Our holistic programs aim to equip individuals with tools to make better life choice. This includes sleep, nutrition, exercise and mindset.


We work from the inside out for lasting effects. We build mental and physical resilience and strengthen individuals for increased focus, mental sharpness and the ability to concentrate longer. 

Let’s get started!

Book a one off session or a 8-week block. You can choose from the following options:

  • Meditation/ Mindfulness 
  • Yoga
  • a mix of both

Classes take 30-40 minutes, perfect for lunch breaks. 

Contact us here with your preferred start date and time and we will send you a quote. 

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