Behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil

After working 7 weeks behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil I have fallen in love with the show. The demands of being on stage and performing always at your best are incredible and I was happy to learn that some of the crew and performers practice yoga to balance the intensity of circus life.

When Serchma, one of the contortionists, came to my yoga classes, it made me think about the similarities of yoga and acrobatics. Its easy to perceive yoga as a performance, some more advanced postures look very similar to what we see on stage. So I was wondering, what am I going to teach a person that is not only extremely flexible but has the physical strength to do most advanced postures? And it brought me back to the essence of yoga – the awareness of body, breath and mind. As much as yoga can appear to be a physical practice its the changes that we experience on the inside, in our behaviour, thoughts and attitude, which makes this method different to acrobatics. Finding the calmness and peace on the inside so we can conquer the stress and demands on the outside.

Watch this video here where I chat backstage with Serchma, a contortionist with Kurios, the latest Cirque du Soleil show performing in Brisbane and currently touring Australia.